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Mental health resources

Bullying worksheets

Worksheets for children who are being bullied. These sheets can help them begin to think about bullying and can give you as a parent some ideas about how your child experiences being bullied

Understanding anger

These worksheets can be used by someone of any age to better understand feelings of anger. For younger children, you can work with them.

Understanding cell phone use

These reflection sheets can help people of any age to understand their cell phone use. These sheets can help guide healthy decision making related to phone use.

In dialogue - video chat series

In Dialogue is a video chat series that demystifies mental health issues for caregivers and their children, brought to you by Louisiana Children's Museum and Tulane Institute of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health.

Talking to your kids about coronavirus

Dr. Myo Minyt MD discusses strategies for speaking to children about the coronavirus


tips on issues with co-sleeping

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